by Pam Seidman 

Flying first class, going to exotic places and staying in amazing hotels are all great but its recently become very clear that the ultimate travel flex is something entirely different.... CARRY ON!

I’m married to the self-appointed “king of carry-on” and have been told I’m slowing the family down by checking luggage, so it was a natural that I started to dig in and think about ways to make the process more streamlined without sacrificing a lot as I strive to move from checked luggage to carry on. 

Here are my go-to tips from a recent 5 day trip to France:

It all starts with a great carry-on suitcase with good wheels and max interior space. The real key is a lightweight carry-on tote as your second bag that can then be used once you get to your destination. The BYBBA Balos is all this and its drawstring section is what sets it apart, so things don’t fall out when going through security or overhead. I actually take an extra in its pouch to have on hand.

Then, Its also about your pouch system. Packing cubes are great but, lets face it, the majority are made from a thick unrecycled plastic material. The stiff ones also aren’t optimal for space saving. Opt for more eco options like our Urchin Pouches designed and sized to replace ziplocks and the all-new Double Take which is a two-sided pouch for added organization.

Next, its time to pull looks and by “looks” I mean key items that together become outfits. I start by counting the number of days I’m away and thinking through my plans, meetings and the needed footwear to get me through. I lay these out. Then I run through the nights and how much I can make these intersect with the day- the more overlap the better, adding a few tops to mix it up. When it comes to the packing part—here’s how I’ve improved while keeping it eco friendly and plastic free:

  • Roll all cotton items and activewear. Fold stiffer items like dress shirts, pants and skirts.
  • Use sustainable packing pouches for underwear, socks, bathing suits etc. The Double-Take & Urchin Pouches are key.
  • Keep shoes to a minimum and place these on the sides of the suitcase with soles facing out- wearing the bulkiest pair on the flight.
  • Limit of one piece of outerwear that you’ll wear while away. If you’re going to warm weather and its cold out, ditch the coat and opt for one of the items you packed with two other layers plus a hat and scarf. 
  • Use the Balos Tote as your carry on. It holds a massive amount and can then be your day bag for work, beach, sport or food when you arrive. If you have a purse you may have to put it inside, so leave room in case.
  • Cosmetics and toiletries can go in either bag. No plastic ziplocks. I use Urchin pouches, a dopp kit and the Double Take Wash n Wear for my clean and dirty laundry. Jewelry and accessories go in the THIS n THAT Double Take.
  • Never pack to the utter max. Leave room for any treasures you find along the way and want to bring home.




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