What does Conscious Carrying mean to you?

Carrying yourself around with a conscious heart! We can't be perfect in all our decisions, but we can do our best to bring our awareness forth, slow down, and make whatever decisions feels best in that given moment. Conscious Carrying to me means putting ourselves on stage and realizing that we matter, that our actions matter, and that all the things we do -- no matter how small -- ripple effects! It might just seem like one plastic bag or one more disposable lid, but the roots go deeper than that. Your actions make the DNA of who you are and so you have to ask yourself, how do I want to show up in the world today? What choices can I make that will bring a better and more sustainable future closer?

Tell us a few ways you reduce single-use products? Any hacks that can help others?

I always bring my own bags to the store to eliminate single-use bags whenever I can. That includes produce bags as well! I like to give my fruits and veggies a chance to cuddle when I walk them home and it makes perfect sense in my world to drop the tomatoes in with the onions and sweet potatoes for the short trip home, there's no need to separate them all in different bags! I also bring my coffee cup to the store, carry a fork and a napkin in my purse for occasional lunch out, and tell the clerk that I don't need a lid for my salad! If I'm eating it right then and there, why cover it up? Every disposable item matters!

Whats on your mind as you head into the holidays- what are you thankful for?

The Holidays mean such different things for me these days. I used to love Christmas because I love buying gifts for people, but although I still love to gift, I am much more intentional in what I buy. Also, the Holidays these days for me are an opportunity to slow down and steep myself in love and gratitude. I love to stroll around Christmas markets hand in hand with my love and just look at people, or crawl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and just talk. I am so grateful to be healthy and happy, for my family close and far, and for the ability to live here and now -- during the most important time there ever has been to be alive! It might seem like scary times, and they are, but they're also so incredibly exciting and beautiful. I don't think we value enough the incredible gift of being alive in a time that matters so much.


Reconsidering the lifespan of everything we introduce and produce. Nothing is forever but we’re working hard to create lasting, quality bags full of purpose. Shopping bags that aren’t used just once, colors that transcend seasons and shapes that take you from one place to the next.