BYBBA was born the same day that NY announced its ban on single use plastics. 

I questioned how I was going to jump on board 100% without compromising my personal style and unbending desire for quality. Fashion and design have always mattered to me. Having worked with designers from Ralph Lauren to Valentino and Versace to some of the largest mass brands like Express and Nine West- I've gone high and I've gone low. But It wasn't until then that I really started to question the social and environmental factors that played into the things I was buying and using. I started to dig deeper and question - where they were from, what went into their manufacturing process, who was involved with making them,  how long would they last and what happened to them after?

BYBBA- Bring Your Bag Back Around- started with a bag but doesn't end there. We're re-thinking everyday disposable items, creating lasting carrying solutions you want to take everywhere as you journey through each day. Our products are designed with style, function and sustainability at the forefront, redefining how those qualities can co-exist and firmly believing that small steps lead to big change.

BYBBA is for everyone who lives a city, suburban or country life but dreams of the beach where the days are endless and the ocean invites. Here I am, running as a little girl on my favorite stretch of sand and still today as someone who's smiling and wanting to do my part to keep the planet healthy.
Together we can do this! 



Reconsidering the lifespan of everything we introduce and produce. Nothing is forever but we’re working hard to create lasting, quality bags full of purpose. Shopping bags that aren’t used just once, colors that transcend seasons and shapes that take you from one place to the next.