We recommend wiping your Balos bag  with a damp cloth but if you choose to throw in the machine, we recommend washing all of your synthetics in a washing bag or attaching a filter. We also recommend one that attaches to your home washing machine and captures these fibers before they can enter water streams, keeping microfibers out of the oceans and away from the creatures that inhabit them. Use a small amount of soap and hang or lay flat to dry.



Your bag came perfectly folded. Once you unpack it make sure you invert the outer pouch so it can work as an interior pocket (BYBBA logo on the inside). The drawstring will secure your items.

Once you’re ready to stuff it, invert the interior pouch so the logo is on the outside and begin pushing the bag in until its fully stuffed and the drawstring can pull tight around it.



If your bag has wrinkles, hang it up and let them release on their own. They should also fall out with the next use when some weight is added to the bag. 


Consumers agree! Why use a bag once when one bag can replace 700? The future of retail is looking brighter with BYBBA.