Our name BYBBA (Bee-Ba), stands for Bring Your Bag Back Around. But we’re more than a bag. We’re thinking about use and re-use in more general terms, bringing you products that combine quality, design and functionality, allowing you to use less for longer.

We started by designing the bag we were searching for but couldn’t find—100% recycled, rich in look, feel and durability, accessibly priced and functional in every way. By this we mean perfectly placed pockets, easy to wash and so compact it tucks away easily. We named our first style, The Balos, after one of our favorite beaches in the world, located in Crete where the light hits the Ocean and creates a kaleidoscope of translucent shades of blues and greens. The quintessential natural health and beauty of Balos is the gold standard we’re reaching for as we create alternatives to single use products, keeping them out of our hands and ultimately our oceans.

We’re committed to sharing openly and honestly with our community, continuing the learning process and striving to always get better. We’re seeking innovative ways to bring new product to market that will provide ways for you to use and re-use and designed in a way that makes you want to integrate them into your lifestyle--- aesthetically and with purpose.

So let’s share our stories and work together. One small action toward reducing and reusing is one step closer to positive change.

Bring your bag back around.

Conscious carrying for all!




Reconsidering the lifespan of everything we introduce and produce. Nothing is forever but we’re working hard to create lasting, quality bags full of purpose. Shopping bags that aren’t used just once, colors that transcend seasons and shapes that take you from one place to the next.