When we founded BYBBA nearly three years ago, our main objective was to create a fabric that was 100% sustainable from end to end with the added benefits of a luxurious look and feel. We strived to innovate a fabric that defied the hard and noisy hand-feel associated with so many other brands. And we looked beyond canvas (which requires over 650 gallons of water to create one single tote bag) and went on to test different combinations of crushed plastic pellets until we came up just the right eco-cocktail.

300 swatches and 42 blind touches later, we landed on Techniluxe™, our exclusive fabric woven entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic. Unlike other sustainable options, we developed Techniluxe™ in 103 vibrant-rich colors and a unique soft, matte texture that feels as good as it looks. Our secret to those deep, luxurious hues? Dyes made from veggies and other eco-friendly wonders, ensuring your BYBBA bag retains its color depth, wash after wash. We didn't stop there – even the drawstring closure's rope is a recycled hero. Crafted from discarded fishing nets that once cluttered the beach, it's the finishes and hardware that set us apart and set your bags up for maximum durability.

As you ponder your aspirational, eco-conscious lifestyle, wave goodbye to canvas's little white lies. At BYBBA, we've got your back, your bag, and the environment's too. Canvas totes offer a quick fix, but a BYBBA tote is the long-term solution to an Earth-shattering problem. We are excited to see where your BYBBA bag takes you!

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