Boston based influencer turned freelance social media marketer, Elissa has a passion for the outdoors and preserving natural spaces around the world! When she’s not hiking locally with her dog or exploring any number of the new restaurants around Boston, she’s usually planning her next adventure! Her most recent trip took her through Yosemite, Sequoia, and Joshua Tree National Parks for some of the most incredible hikes and mountain views she’s had the privilege of experiencing. Naturally she had a few BYBBA bags by her side. A huge supporter of National Parks, Elissa is looking forward to her dream of becoming a park ranger one day later in life. 

“We must protect these spaces and keep them open to the public and future generations”

  1. What does Conscious Carrying mean to you? 

Making an effort. No one is perfect and life doesn't always allow us to utilize the most sustainable option, so just being conscious of our choices and ones that impact the future and the environment whenever possible.

  1. You’re such an avid traveler. Tell us some easy and innovative ways you approach packing and your best hacks. 

I always travel with a BYBBA. I have The Balos and The Bondi! Both help me in case I need an extra carry-on bag or just another bag to organize my things between destinations. I try to pack lightweight fabrics in neutral colors so I can hand wash in a sink and re-wear a few items on longer trips. I also tend to splurge on well-made artisan clothing and items during trips vs. shopping fast fashion throughout the year at home. I not only end up with amazing items, but incredible memories to associate them with! 

  1. Do you bring your bag back around? Describe your habits in terms of the way you avoid single use products or anything else you're proud of when it comes to your daily routine. 

As often as possible! I always have one in my car for quick shopping trips. I also try to keep a set of food storage containers in my car. As a restaurant food photographer I realized I would come home with 3-6 to-go boxes or plastic containers so this is one way I can dramatically reduce single-use products.

4)What's your one wish for making the world of produce more sustainable? 

That more people would get on board! Together we make the biggest impact!


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