What does conscious carrying mean to you?

I live in New York City and walk most places. I always have an extra tote with me for things I pick up like groceries along the way. Love my Bybba totes. They make whatever I am carrying look chic.

As a jewelry designer, how do you integrate sustainable practices into your business?

My jewelry is all hand made and the metals I use for my pieces is recycled. I am excited to have recently found compostable packaging for my line of Shell T-shirts and Scarves. All of my work is made to order which reduces excess.

 I am very inspired by my surroundings whether it be the city or out in nature. The city has had an enormous impact on my visual sense. I always look for the beauty among the busy, loud chaos of New York. I find it in the music, energy, art, people, and design everywhere I turn. At times I am also influenced by the incredible beauty of nature. Recently my work has been directly inspired by ocean waves, shells and flowers.

As a mom what’s the one thing you hope changes in terms of sustainability for the sake of the future?

I hope EVERYTHING changes for the sake of the future of our planet and our children. Every part of our lives is threatened unless we turn things around.

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